In Hitman 3, Agent 47 is sent to Dubai to complete a very important mission. However, this could prove to be one of the hardest challenges to date

Much like its predecessors, Hitman 3 offers players tons of options to approach each mission. However, with all of those options comes tricky challenges that involve setting up intricate kills or showing off Agent 47’s assassin skills. In the game’s Dubai mission, players will enter the Burj Al-Ghazali, a crowded high rise, in order to assassinate a pair of targets, using a variety of options.

The game rewards players for setting up unique kills, which on this level are many, due to the extravagant atmosphere and, of course, the sheer height of the locale. These challenges require impeccable timing and well-executed stealth in order to complete, testing fans of the Hitman franchise to think and act in new ways.

10 Meet The Stuyvesants/Precious Moments

To do the ‘Meet The Stuyvesants’ challenge, players must get mission target Marcus Stuyvesant and his daughter Amelia to speak to each other in Dubai’s bar. The Precious Moments challenge requires players to take a picture of this reunion, meaning the two challenges go hand-in-hand.

In order to coordinate this meeting, Agent 47 must pull talkative Lucy Phillips away from her conversation with Amelia. Luckily, careful listening will reveal that Lucy will stop talking with Amelia if a problem occurs with the art exhibit at the high rise. However, players will still have to carefully plan around their regularly scheduled assassination in order to make this conversation happen.

9 Angry Birdy

Angry Birdy is an odd challenge, having players kill one of their targets, Carl Ingram, with an exploding golf ball. While this seems like an easy task, it does require some setup and an understanding of Carl’s routines. The first problem is finding said exploding golf ball hidden somewhere in the tower.

Once the explosive is acquired and set up, players must convince Carl to go golfing. A little bit of experimentation and patience will reveal that Carl golfs when he is annoyed, so Agent 47 must make noise and interrupt Carl’s train of thought enough for him to go out and hit the ball for an explosive payoff.

8 Nightcrawler

This challenge requires Agent 47 to bring out his inner shutterbug, as players must take a picture of the Sheikh while he is sleeping. Unfortunately, the Sheikh travels all over the high rise before finally going to take a nap in his room, so players will need to have patience and a working knowledge of the Sheikh’s routine.

In addition to waiting for the Sheikh to attend the opening ceremony and meet up with mission target Marcus Stuyvesant at the bar, players will also have to deal with a very small window of opportunity to get into the Sheikh’s room unseen and take the photo to accomplish this goal.

7 Geronimo / Mile High Drop

In order to complete the Geronimo challenge, players have to trigger an evacuation of the high rise, using keycards tucked away in safes in the building’s security offices. The Mile High Drop challenge has players killing the targets Marcus Stuyvesant and Carl Ingram in midair, which can be accomplished only during the evacuation.

Finding the safes and the codes needed to unlock them will take players a bit of time and planning, but the real payoff comes with sabotaging the emergency parachutes. The player would then have to use the keycards in order to assassinate both Stuyvesant and Ingram smoothly. If Agent 47 does all this before activating the evacuation sequence, then both challenges will be his.

6 Icarus

There are some unique ways to take out Marcus Stuyvesant in Dubai, but one of the most unique and most involved is by electrocuting him with the art installation called “The Sun.” It will take players some patience and, perhaps, trial and error, to accomplish this feat, but doing so will complete the Icarus challenge.

Pulling this off requires Agent 47 to set up the electrocution ahead of time by finding fuse cells and putting them in the right fuse boxes. In addition to this task, players will also have to keep a close eye on Stuyvesant’s routine, as he has a lot to do in the high rise before checking out the exhibit.

5 Particular Palette

This is one of those challenges that requires some preparation and careful attention to detail, as players are asked to serve Marcus Stuyvesant his favored drink. Not only will Agent 47 have to ascertain what exactly Mr. Stuyvesant wants, but he will also have to obtain it as there is no whiskey bottle at the bar.

Once the proper drink has been acquired and brought to the bar, players will have to have patience as they wait for Marcus to make his way over and claim it (just one part of his complicated routine in the skyscraper). The good news for players is that this challenge does offer the perfect opportunity to take Marcus out by poisoning his drink, although that requires more planning still.

4 Chameleon

Although this challenge is not unique to the Dubai map, it is still one of the most challenging across all of the game’s varied levels, requiring players to find and put on every possible type of disguise available in the level. While Agent 47 need not wear every costume in one go, it’s still a time-consuming prospect.

Of the eleven outfits in Dubai, some are quite easy to obtain, while others are more involved. Some, like the penthouse staff disguise, require other disguises in order to reach them without being detected. Others, like the famous chef disguise, are only on a single individual in the whole level.

3 Flying Monkey Business

Much like the Geronimo and Mile High Drop challenges, this challenge has players triggering an emergency evacuation of the Burj Al-Ghazali. Flying Monkey Business requires Agent 47 to get targets Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant to slip on banana peels while racing out to escape.

In addition to finding the keycards, opening the safes, and activating the evacuation, players must prepare the area where Marcus and Carl will be running with banana peels taken from elsewhere in the tower. The involved planning and understanding of where characters go in certain situations required make this challenge quite the ordeal for the unprepared.

2 Silent Assassin, Suit Only

This challenge is not unique to the Dubai level, but it is still one of the most difficult tasks players will have to pull off if they want to finish every challenge Dubai has to offer. As suggested by its name, this challenge requires players to complete the mission without being caught or changing into a disguise.

It may take players a number of tries to make it through this level with these strict guidelines in place, as Agent 47 cannot go into every area or interact with every individual in the level without changing his clothes (or being potentially compromised). To make matters more difficult, players also cannot kill anyone other than the targets themselves, but enough practice will pay off and net players this prestigious achievement.

1 Conserving Ammunition

Hitman 3 is known for the expansive levels that are filled with people, places, and objects (which can both help and hinder Agent 47’s mission in creative and unique ways). So, what may be Dubai’s hardest challenge is the one requiring players to shoot both targets with a single bullet, requiring them to be in the same place at the same time in a position conducive to sniping.

First, players need to be able to bring a sniper rifle into the level, which requires a certain mastery level in Dubai. This means that players doing this challenge should already have a solid understanding of this level’s layout, major figures, and important events. From there, if Agent 47 can get Marcus and Carl in the same room together and his aim is true, this difficult deed will be accomplished.